Venice Union Polytechnic High School Travels to the San Francisco 1915 World Fair

Venice Union Polytechnic High School located in Venice, California traveled north to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition through the medium of film and presented itself to the world.

Recently, the Venice High School Alumni Association found among its archives a June 1915 school publication that carried an article of a “moving picture” of the school being shown at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) in San Francisco. No other documentation was found in the archives, let alone the film itself.

The film was produced at the invitation of the PPIE Department of Education on the recommendation of the Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools. The project was undertaken by the English Department resulting in two reels of film of 1,100 feet each. It was then contributed to the exhibit of California High Schools and shown in the theater of the Palace of Education. ... Read More >