PPIE drinks to ring in the New Year

The 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition brought the world’s products to San Francisco. The Palace of Food Products was a veritable showcase of “the nibbling arts”, with producers of Spanish Madiera, California Wine, and Chinese liquor vying for the attention of visitors. This year, two enterprising companies have taken inspiration from the PPIE:

Haas Brothers‘ Panama-Pacific Exposition Rum  is a Spanish-style molasses-derived rum made at the Ingenio San Carlos distillery in Panama. Using Panamanian sugar cane, this Rum is created using traditional fermentation and distillation techniques and is aged from 9 to 23 years in spent Kentucky bourbon casks to create a signature rich, full flavor and character. PARIS_OF_THE_WEST_med

Almanac Brewing Company‘s Paris of the West is a Quadrupel Ale brewed with Flame Raisins, Candi Sugar, and Oranges. Named after San Francisco, this flavorful beer is brewed with dark candi sugar, dried flame grapes and orange peel. The 22oz bottle is decorated with a stunning illustration of the San Francisco Ferry Building decked out for the PPIE, with cameos of the Tower of Jewels, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Great Scintillator, and Art Smith in his biplane.

Whichever you choose, we wish you a joyous New Year.