Historypin – A new PPIE100 project

The California Historical Society is proud to announce a new project with Historypin: MAPPING SAN FRANCISCO’S 1915 WORLD’S FAIR. The innovative Historypin platform enables a global community of people, groups and institutions to gather and share the history of the places that matter to them, using collections of photographs, documents, sounds and moving images to start conversations and trigger memories.

Already over 2,000 items have been shared by the San Francisco Public Library, California State Library, UC Davis Library, and others. Learn how to become a Historypin contributor by watching this informative video:

This new initiative launches on July 17th to mark the 100th anniversary of Liberty Bell Day at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Rose Marie Cleese, granddaughter of San Francisco mayor Angelo J. Rossi, will share family photographs of Rossi, whose florist shop constructed the float that carried the Liberty Bell through San Francisco on July 17, 1915.