Did This Year’s World’s Fair Change the Future of Food?

As the Expo 2015 Milano​ (aka the World’s Fair of 2015) closes in Italy, Eater​ looks at what impact, if any, the event had on the world’s view of food. The piece (which includes a reference to San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts) notes that it was a missed opportunity:

Expo organizers are quick to point out the impressive array of events and conferences throughout Milan and Italy to correspond with the fair, which could plant seeds for innovations in the future. But nearly 20 million people visited the Expo from around the world. Though it’s easy to think that maybe if everyone learned one thing that’s better than nothing — the “spoonful of sugar” brand of activism — the Expo also feels like a huge missed opportunity to bring about real change. More than that, it could be a sign for what armchair activists we’ve all become: We come, we gawk, we conclude that hunger is a big problem in the world, and we move on with our lives with the mistaken idea that awareness is the same as action.

Read more from this interesting piece here: http://www.eater.com/2015/10/29/9622956/milan-expo-2015-worlds-fair

To learn more about food at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, make sure to attend the California Historical Society‘s upcoming event on the issue. Register here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/food-at-the-fair-tickets-14999825883.