Two new projects that need your help

As the Centennial of the Panama Pacific International Exposition enters into its seventh month, and a busy Fall season ahead at many of the region’s most significant institutions, many individuals are putting together their own PPIE100 celebrations, and two of these efforts need your help! We are pleased to feature two exciting efforts that are in the works and looking for support from the PPIE100 fans. Click below to learn more about a great project at the Conservatory of Flowers and another one related to Houdini, who made a famed appearance at the PPIE in 1915. ... Read More >

On this day – August 19

On Thursday, August 19, the PPIE celebrated Manhattan Day. The celebration was hosted at the New York City Pavilion – the only municipal building at the fair.  The Commissioner-General of the Netherlands presented borough president Marcus Marks a New Amsterdam flag which was promptly run up the flagpole. ... Read More >

1915 Ford Model T Ends Cross-Country Trip in San Francisco Just as it Happened 100 Years Ago in Celebration of the 1915 World’s Fair

Arrival at Palace of Fine Arts Marks the end of the Road Trip Century Celebration; a 34-day, 3,500+ mile road trip across the country that followed Edsel Ford’s 1915 journey from Detroit to San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (Aug. 19, 2015) – In celebration of the Centennial of the Panama Pacific International Exposition and a century of road travel across America, the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) joined automotive and 1915 World’s Fair enthusiasts at the Palace of Fine Arts today, to welcome the arrival of a historic 1915 Ford Model T, after it traveled more than 3,500 miles, recreating the amazing cross country journey that Edsel Ford took one hundred years ago. ... Read More >

Venice Union Polytechnic High School Travels to the San Francisco 1915 World Fair

Venice Union Polytechnic High School located in Venice, California traveled north to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition through the medium of film and presented itself to the world.

Recently, the Venice High School Alumni Association found among its archives a June 1915 school publication that carried an article of a “moving picture” of the school being shown at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) in San Francisco. No other documentation was found in the archives, let alone the film itself.

The film was produced at the invitation of the PPIE Department of Education on the recommendation of the Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools. The project was undertaken by the English Department resulting in two reels of film of 1,100 feet each. It was then contributed to the exhibit of California High Schools and shown in the theater of the Palace of Education. ... Read More >


On July 17, the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) kicked off an event commemorating the centennial of a significant cross-country road trip by several young men including Edsel Ford, the son of Henry Ford, in 1915. The men traveled from Detroit to San Francisco to visit the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. The roadtrip helped popularize automobile travel for recreation and symbolized the country’s growing fascination with cars. This summer the HVA is recreating this trip with a Ford Model T from 1915, a 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Convertible, and an EcoBoost powered F-150 pickup truck, and documenting their experience at Read More >

My grandfather & the Liberty Bell at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition

By Rose Marie Cleese,

I’m a third-generation San Franciscan with more than one Gold Rush ancestor on my family tree. I grew up on Union Street near Scott in Cow Hollow and our view out the back was the Marina district anchored by the Palace of Fine Arts. My mother, Rosamond Rossi (Cleese), grew up in that very same house and, in 1915 when she was 6 years old, she would walk down Scott Street every day with her maternal grandmother to spend hours in “the Zone” at the PPIE. ... Read More >

Historypin – A new PPIE100 project

The California Historical Society is proud to announce a new project with Historypin: MAPPING SAN FRANCISCO’S 1915 WORLD’S FAIR. The innovative Historypin platform enables a global community of people, groups and institutions to gather and share the history of the places that matter to them, using collections of photographs, documents, sounds and moving images to start conversations and trigger memories. ... Read More >

Pioneer Mother at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, Courtesy San Francisco Public Library

Subframe Episode 2 – Gender Armageddon

In this episode of Subframe, Kip Reinsmith explores genders roles at the Panama Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) and specifically the shifting role of women around the time of the fair in 1915. Sarah J. Moore, author of Empire on Display: San Francisco’s Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915, walks us through some iconic and gendered imagery of the fair. She also delves into how technology was shaping perceptions of gender. ... Read More >